Good News Friday #2

Last week, I decided to make Fridays good news days. A little something to buoy me and hopefully others up through the weekend and remind me of all the good things going on in our life, but which can get buried under the weight of worry, incessant appointments and the business of just getting through the week.

And boy, do I need to write this post this week. To be honest, it’s been a pretty lousy seven days. It’s the second week that The Grumposaur has been away with work and the whole solo parenting thing is, as many of you will know, a challenge. On top of that, Sissyboo has been none too impressed about returning to school after Easter and been uncharacteristically naughty. Mr Boo has been settling in at nursery (I am SO not ready for returning to work, I’ve discovered) and has caused me to make frantic calls to one of his consultants following some odd physical behaviour. (We are putting this down to one of his quirks for now rather than anything more ominous. Please let this be the case.) The cumulative effect of this has been that my anxiety and depression, which peaked (or troughed, I suppose) around Christmas, have come back with gusto. Not fun.

But, depsite all of this, despite the fact that I have spent rather too long this week sobbing quietly when the kids weren’t around, it really isn’t all that difficult to find good things in our lives. Really. It even surpises me.

So here it is: my good news.

1) We don’t have to see Mr Boo’s prematurity consultant for eight months. Yes, EIGHT months! Now granted, this isn’t because Mr Boo is miraculously cured of irreversible brain damage. The reason is that his consultant has realised that he isn’t the best person to be leading Mr Boo’s care. Hallelujah! His developmental and epilepsy consultants, the neurologist we’ll be meeting for the first time next month and his fabulous physio are so much more important. And even if they weren’t, his prematurity consultant has the bedside manner of Dr Crippin. He is clearly oblivious tot the face Mr Boo is a person, not a case, and that I have feelings. The prospect of not seeing him until December is frankly thrilling!

2) Mr Boo loves nursery. I’ve posted about the hard time I’ve had about leaving Mr Boo at his two settling in sessions at nursery this week prior to me attempting to return to work in a little over two weeks. (Gulp!) But he seems to be having a ball. I could hear him laughing (he has a real, throaty, completely joyous laugh) both times I picked him up before I got to the top of the stairs. Moreover, the manager has jumped through hoops to buy toys that will help Mr Boo with his physio and a Cushi Tush, which is just about the only seat you can put him in to feed him. They don’t have a grant for this. I am relieved and grateful.

3) I got to go to the special needs baby/toddler group I have recently started attending for the first time in weeks. Admittedly I arrived an hour late (paed appointment…) but just half an hour in the company of these fabulous mums and their beautiful children in a place where difference is the norm, where acceptance and understanding are the rule and judgement is left on the doorstep, is as good a tonic as the spa day I went on with my sister years ago. (Note to self: attempt to go on a spa day again some day before retirement.)

4) I finished reading David Walliams’s Mr Stink to Sissyboo. One of the hardest things about our life with Mr Boo is worrying about its impact on Sissyboo. She adores him. She is totally accepting. She is a marvel. (I’ll tell you more about her in another post. She deserves her own post.) Yet, as you can imagine, she gets a loss less of my time and worry now we have Mr Boo. I have, though, made the time to read extra books to her in bed every night (after her pre-bedtime stories while Mr Boo has his bottle) and we have just finished our first full-length children’s novel. We’ve had a ball.

4) The Grumposaur comes home tonight. Now as his affectionate nickname suggests, we have our moments (don’t we all?), but I miss him. I miss him telling me not to be so daft and not to worry so much. I miss him not insisting I stop doing things and watch TV for half an hour before bed and unwind. I miss him passing me a glass of wine. I miss being able to talk to him.

5) Blogging. I recently answered a question posed on Twitter by Leoarna, author of the terrific Not Different But Interesting, about what people hoped to get from blogging. I said a voice and a sense of community. In the very short time I’ve been blogging, I think I may have found both. Bloggers really are lovely people. Thank you!

If you have some good news to share, I’d love to hear it, so please feel free to fill up the comments box. Come on. Spread the love.

6 thoughts on “Good News Friday #2

  1. Leoarna

    Very appreciative of the mention – Thank you. It is always hard to stay positive when life feels like an endless round of doing things that must be done, and worrying about what you haven’t or can’t do. Hats off for seeing through it all to the good stuff.

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      This is GREAT news! Congratulations. My definition of survival (before having Mr Boo) used to be just hanging on in there. Now I understand survival is the most enormous act of will and courage.

  2. Stacie Lewis (@MamaLewis1)

    Congratulations on your positivity! The longer you do this the more you will encounter people unable to do that. Your nursery sounds lovely!!! May’s was awesome with her too and it made a huge difference to her development.

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Lovely to hear from you. I’m so glad to hear about May. I have such mixed feelings about going back to work. But I’m clinging on to hope it will be good for his development (and my sanity…!).


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