Acceptance is Child’s Play; or a Coda for Cllr Brewer

I have been so angry this week, so saddened by the comments of Cllr Collin Brewer, who after previously standing down from his post for discriminatory comments about the disabled has stood again and been re-elected in Wadebridge East, Cornwall. And things have gone from bad to worse. His target now: disabled children like my son, whom he hopes might either be aborted on the grounds that public toilets might have to close to fund their care or be euthanised after birth like a deformed lamb smashed to death by a farmer for whom they are not economically viable.

Not much to be cheerful about there, then. Except there is. The huge outpouring of peaceful protests on social media and the streets, as well as the various petitions drafted and signed have lifted my spirits and reminded me how much stronger and pervasive love and compassion are than hate. If you need to see this for yourself just hop over to the amazing peaceful blog protest launched by the wonderful Hayley of Downs Side Up. I wrote my own post for this and am proud and humbled that a link for it sits alongside links to some of the most powerful and eloquent blog posts I have ever read.

I am just as proud of and humbled this week by my beautiful, healthy 5-year-old, who as I wrote in my post calls ‘disabilities’ ‘abilities’. This week she made a book about babies at school and devoted a page of each of a baby’s key needs as she sees them. She listed and drew nappies, clothes, milk, love and this:


This is her giving her little brother his anti-seizure medication. Actually I give him his meds, but I would struggle to find a more compelling visual depiction of love and acceptance than this. You could learn a lot from Sissyboo, Cllr Brewer.

This week she is my reason to be cheerful. And proud and hopeful.

9 thoughts on “Acceptance is Child’s Play; or a Coda for Cllr Brewer

  1. Mummy Zen

    She is definitely something to be cheerful about and sounds like she could teach Cllr Brewer a thing or two! Love her sweet drawing, that must have really melted your heart 🙂

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Thank you. I love it. She draws a gazillion things a day and I must confess I have to sneak things into the recycling all the time. But definitely not this one.

  2. aint3113

    Without Internet this week (and live across the pond) I haven’t heard about Cllr Brewer, but dang, what a thing to say. It’s wonderful to see that the community chose to make this a teaching moment.


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