Good News Friday #7

I love Fridays. The weekend is a just a hair’s breadth away and I don’t have to work, so I get to spend the day with Mr Boo and to take Sissyboo to dance classes after school (although I could do without the burgeoning One Direction obsession). And we have Portage therapy in the mornings, which is fun. But increasingly as important as many of these things, is the fact that on Friday I get to take stock and write about the good things in our week and, hopefully read any good news you lovely folks care to share via the comments section.

So here’s mine…

Physio: I wrote about the unexpectedly terrific physio session Mr Boo had on Monday earlier in the week, so I won’t repeat myself except to say that it’s kept me smiling through a week that has seen me work until 11 pm twice to catch up with myself. Boo, don’t ever stop amazing me, OK?

Mr Boo went to hospital but wasn’t admitted: There’s no use pretending Saturday was a good day. It really wasn’t. Mr Boo decided to get a non-blanching rash on his leg during a weekend I was solo parenting while his Dad was away with work. Managing my anxiety and his poor sister’s was not fun, nor was watching him scream through blood tests. (‘Stop hurting my brother’, Sissyboo quite reasonably ordered the doctor.)  We had to wait hours for the results and ‘I spy’ got pretty tedious after 10 minutes. But the good news is he doesn’t meningitis again. Even Mr Boo couldn’t be that unlucky (surely?). Nor does he have leukaemia or any of the other horrible things they warned us of. They concluded it was probably a virus. I still think a reaction to the MMR vaccine he had last week is likelier. But really. Who cares? He’s fine and the rash has gone.

Finally, I had a fabulous day last Friday meeting two new friends. I would tell you that they are two amazing ladies, but since we had a conversation about how funny we find it when people say we’re amazing for just fumbling through the world of chaos we’ve been plunged into, I won’t. But I will say, because it is so true, that their little boys are fabulous. Two boys, both with very different birth stories, both with cerebral palsy, a little bit older than Mr Boo. I have chatted online in forums, the blog and on Twitter to parents of kids with CP. But meeting these lovely, determined and funny women (some of our dreams and hopes may have flown out the window, but our sense of humour has not) was a wonderful experience. For once, I didn’t have to worry what others might say or think when they saw Mr Boo or I talked about his challenges. We could just talk. Like normal people. Even if our lives might not seem normal to anyone else. This is our reality. It can be harsh and deeply depressing, but it also joyful and sometimes hilarious, even in its harsher and more depressing moments. I’m so glad to have met them.

OK. Over to you. I hope you might share some of your good news in the comments below. But as always, my main hope is that has been some good news in what in every other sense, has been a very bad news week.

2 thoughts on “Good News Friday #7

  1. Jax Mully

    I’m so glad Mr.Boo’s rash turned out to be nothing – whew! I love Good News Fridays – good idea! Our good news is that Jax learned to sit! All by himself! He’ll be 10 months old in 3 days…I think this is his “birthday” present to us. Have a great weekend!

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      This is probably the best comment on Good News Friday so far. Go Jax and go you! I am so pleased – what completely amazing news. It’s a birthday present to every premmie/preemie parent whose little one is not yet reaching their milestones. Never underestimate our little ones.


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