Good News Friday #8

I won’t lie: writing Good News Friday has been hard this week. I spent ages earlier trying to work out what I could possibly write. This is ridiculous. There are lots of good things in my life right now, in fact I’ve blogged about some of them already this week. But my mood is pretty low and the wood and trees are utterly indistinguishable. I’m struggling with the pressures of juggling the needs and demands of the kids, Boo’s appointments and my work. I have been working ridiculously late after the kids have gone to bed to catch up (not a popular domestic arrangement) and Boo has been sleeping terribly (3-4 hours a night) for a week. The cumulative effect of over a year of grotty sleep is really showing. But worst than all of this is waiting for the anniversary Mr Boo’s due date.

His actual birthday on April 2 was nice but tough in pretty much equal measure; his home-iversary on May 19 was lovely. But the wait until June 16 is unbearable and I can’t quite explain why yet but I know has something to do with the fact that every passing minute (and there are a lot in 11 weeks) brings home how much he missed out on. Just how premature he was; how vulnerable he was and still is. It’s left tensions running high in Boo Land and it hasn’t been a very happy place to be this week, to be honest. But there is still good news. And I will take time to enjoy it, PTSD be damned!

First of all, it’s half term. My child care arrangements for Sissyboo for the time I needed to work were flexible (coughs: non-existent) so we headed to my parents’ for as few days. I so wish I loved nearer my parents and sister. Those extra pairs of hands and sympathetic nods are priceless and the Boos love them so much. I didn’t have to cook for several days or do our laundry. Even though Boo slept appallingly, it was restful.

Second, today I had some dedicated time with Sissyboo to do whatever she wanted to do. We very rarely get this now and I miss it (I miss her) terribly. She called the shots and opted to spend our couple of hours going to the park and then gardening. Well, I say gardening. In reality this meant Mummy weeding the front garden and Sissyboo making a ‘special snail garden for all the unloved snails so they can live as a big, happy family’ and involved lots of chatting to the snails and confusing the neighbours and odd alcoholic walking to the corner shop two doors down.

But here is the big news. Why didn’t I realise it earlier? Why hadn’t the town council hung out bunting or set off fireworks? I know this will look like I’m shouting, but heck, I am shouting:


None. Zip. Nada. Not even an emergency one. Now before you get too excited this is not because Mr Boo has made a miraculous recovery of the kind folks I talk to seem to think might happen any day. He’s stuck with brain damage, I’m afraid. Frankly, it’s mostly because the world, his wife, and most of the NHS are on half term holidays, but still. This is the first time in the 54 weeks since Mr Boo got home that we haven’t had a minimum of 2 appointments in a 5-day working week. Our record is 8. It feels odd, but good. And we will be making up for it next week with 4, but still. Here’s hoping there will be more weeks like this to come. Lots of them.

OK over to you. I hope your good news comes more easily to you than it has to me this week. As always, I’d love to hear your good news in the comments book below, on the blog’s Facebook page, or on Twitter (@premmeditations). And I promise to be a bit cheerier next week. Promise!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Good News Friday #8

  1. Giggler's Mum

    1/2 term is great. We only had 1 appointment & celebrated for the rest of the week by eating lots of cake & hanging out with giggler’s friends & cousins. With so much time on my hands I also treated myself to a babysitter and got 5 hours work done (did as much in those 5 hours as I used to do in a day!). For good news Friday, Giggler’s new word this week is garden (‘dar-dan’ in gigglerspeak). We hope the Boo family has a great weekend x

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Good to hear from you, Giggler’s Mum. Isn’t it liberating not having so many appointments? So glad you got so much work and play done. And dar-dan is priceless. Just watch out, though, it’s bound to do permanent damage to your use of English. We are still known to refer to DVDs (even in adult company) as dee-bee-dee-bees after Sissyboo’s coinage aged 2… Hope you have a great weekend too! X

  2. Jax Mully

    A whole week without appointments? Awesome! I can’t even imagine that yet. This week we had 6! I know we will get there eventually. Our good news this week: Jax got his first tooth!


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