Good News Friday #9 Blogging Marvellous

For most of this week, I’ve thought that any good news I might be able to write today was bound to be about being able to get to Friday sufficiently awake and compus mentis enough to write a blog post at all. Oh yes, it’s been one of those weeks.

Yet despite the hiccups, it has been a pretty fabulous seven days, too, not least because Boo achieved a pretty impressive EEG result yesterday.

Almost all of the other good things about this week (and I am finding that this is becoming something of a pleasing pattern) have come from starting this blog: the comments I’ve received, the people I’ve met, and the extraordinary, absolutely beyond-the-call-of-duty support they give to a complete stranger.

I’ve had a few moments, shall we call them, this week. I’ve sent irritated tweets in the middle of the night lamenting my lack of sleep. (Why it surprises or aggrieves me after all this time is a moot point.) I’ve publicly declared some of my most paranoid fears about Boo’s health. And I’ve aired various other neuroses for all tweeps to see. In response, I have been met with extraordinary kindness, humour and good old-fashioned common sense. You know who you are, folks. Please do pat yourself on the back, have a piece of chocolate, an extra glass of wine or whatever floats your boat in recognition of your loveliness!

Then there have been the comments on the blog. I cannot emphasise enough how much it means to me that anyone reads this blog at all, let alone takes the trouble to comment on it. I am now, just about, up-to-date with my replies, but each and every nugget from readers has made me pause, reflect and be grateful that I took the plunge and became part of the amazing community you’ve set up. Thank you for making me feel welcome!

I’ve also been thrilled to have been asked to be involved in a new blog-related initiative. I can’t say much about that yet (and I still think there’s a good chance I was asked in error) but watch this space in case I’m wrong.

And then to cap off the blogging love, I was completely thrilled to have been included in the lovely Actually Mummy‘s Newbie Tuesday round-up for June for Britmums. I was especially touched that she wrote that my blog had ‘universal’ appeal. That this isn’t just a blog for premmie mums or for parents of children with additional needs really matters to me. This is my goal: to break down artificial barriers in my own, humble way. I’ll say more about this soon.

For now, I just want to say thank you, bloggersphere, Twittersphere and Facebook. You’ve made this newbie feel very good about her life this week. But if you really, really want to cheer me up, let me know your good news this week in the comments box below. I love to hear from you!



6 thoughts on “Good News Friday #9 Blogging Marvellous

  1. redpeffer

    Too much modesty-you weren’t asked about the new blogging thing in error. It’s well deserved! Without sounding soppy, my magic moments happen almost every day. My daughter telling me she’s happy, my son giggling at the word poo, my husband relaxing about his big birthday, the sunshine, our tadpoles and that’s just this week! So pleased the EEG went better than you hoped.

  2. Mummy Zen

    That all sounds fabulous but completely deserved – you underestimate yourself!!
    My good news was that on Friday I got to go help out in my son’s nursery class as in-laws were here to look after my youngest. Really enjoyed getting to see him and his classmates in action.

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Always lovely to hear from you. That sounds really nice. I’ve only managed to get into Sissyboo’s school a few times this year, once with Boo to talk about bringing up babies where I mostly answered questions about Boo’s favourite pizza topping (!) and once on World Book Day where I hammed it up rotten reading books to groups of kids. It is so lovely to see our kids in these environments. To see how happy and independent they are. Have a lovely week!

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      You are so right about that. Support makes such a difference. I am lucky to have lots of lovely friends and family, but sadly we live a long way from a lot of people closest to us. Practically and emotionally, that can be difficult. But I have found such a lot of support from the Twittersphere and Bloggersphere. It has really helped to change how I feel about things. Hope all’s OK with you and your lovely family.


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