Good News Friday #10

I cannot believe I have been blogging for 10 weeks. I cannot believe anybody but me has read my blog. I cannot believe you are reading this.

And, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I cannot believe how welcoming the blogging community is or what good therapy blogging is. I still struggle greatly with all that’s happened to Boo and with the uncertainty over his future. I hate how it has and will effect his sister. But I also feel proud of my kids, grateful for the support of others and now I am happy more often than I was before I started the blog.

The act of writing Good News Friday has been a big part of this change of mood and attitude. Forcing me (and sometimes it has been quite an effort, I can tell you) to recall and pause on the good things in my life on a week-by-week basis has really helped me get a much better handle on things. And hearing the good news you choose to share with us really lifts my spirits.

So in Good News Friday this week, the headline is: ‘Blogging got me through a tough day’. Mr Boo’s due date anniversary is this Sunday. Father’s Day. He will be one year corrected. There’s nowhere to hide now. I have fretted over and fetishised this day for months. I dreaded it and am still dreading it. When I woke up feeling sick and headachey last Sunday I thought it was the anticipation of 16 June.

Wrong. While eating breakfast it hit me. Boo was due on 16 June but I fully expected to meet him on the 9th when his Caesarian date was booked. He arrived 10 weeks before that date. 11 weeks early. Funny how the body remembers things the mind represses.

I found last Sunday so hard it hurt. So while I was drying my hair (I can do that at the weekend, sometimes) I took the opportunity to write a letter to myself exonerating myself of blame for what’s happened to Boo and us as a consequence. It was a post that I’d meant to write since I started the blog but couldn’t bring myself to contemplate. I wrote it faster than any post I’ve ever written.

I still don’t totally believe it, but writing ‘Dear Me’ was a great experience. So has been reading all the amazingly kind feedback I got and reading and re-reading the truly amazing posts others have linked up in this blog’s first linky attempt ‘Give up the Guilt’.

Blogging and bloggers made a bad news day into a truly good news week. Thank you!

In other news I had another mini escape this week, this time to Plymouth. It was work (hard work) and involved a lot of travelling. But the train ride was a little piece of heaven. Some quiet, some headspace and miles and miles of sea views. It took an enormous act of will not to run away for a few hours by staying on the train all the way to Penzance. But I didn’t. I got to my hotel (a hotel, a room of my own…) and worked and slept and worked some more (oh and tweeted and blogged, too, so didn’t get as much sleep as I should have done). I missed the Boos. But I was soon back with them, giving them cuddles and presents. And that was the best news of all. Getting back to where I belong.

Ok. Over to you. I love hearing your good news. And I’ve got one last tough anniversary weekend to get through. I know you won’t let me down. Blogging and bloggers have become two of the few things in life I know I can count on.

3 thoughts on “Good News Friday #10

  1. Sarah lou mum of two

    I would just like to say a Huge thankyou for putting your story out there !! I too have a little one who’s disabled after contracting meningitis at 10 days old, then after a whole host of preventable issues, we have a beautiful little girl with hydrocephalus and hemiplagia ( left sided c/p ) I suffer with the guilt spells that all us special mummys seem to be plagued with… The could have should have if only’s that in reality I had no control over !
    Anyway i digress as i said before i just wanted to say a huge well done for making all us other mums feel human whilst reading this blog, and knowing that there is at least one other person out there who knows how those anniversary memories fee, I find this is so soothing on my soul !!! I am human !!! Albiet a different person to 3 years ago but you have made me realise i am not alone in this and i thank you again from the bottom of my heart xxx

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      I am so touched by your comment. Really. It’s great to meet you via the blog and hear your story. I desperately wanted to connect with people in similar situations. It’s why I started blogging.

      How’s your beautiful girl doing? I know she will be so much stronger for having such a caring, thoughtful and determined Mum as your comment shows you to be. Are you on Twitter? Be great to keep on touch!

      1. Sarah lou mum of two

        Hi there again, sadly no I am not on twitter, barely have the time for Facebook these days , so have never branched out any further ! My litle lion heart is doing great and thanks for asking, were delayed in walking and a bit behind in her speech and understanding ( i know this due to having a real life barometer in her twin sister) However all things considerd and the prognosis we were given back at the beginning, she is amazing ( to us anyway) im sure she will get there in her own time !! Hope tomorrow is bare-able and not to memory fuelled for you all xxx

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