Good News Friday #13

Sorry this is going up a bit late (again), but you see my first bit of good news this week is that Collin Brewer (the councillor who talked about doing away with disabled children like lambs smashed against brick walls) has resigned. And I had to write about it. So I messed up my own blogging schedule by writing a post about that. But you know, it was important and good news, so hopefully worth delaying this.

This week’s had it’s challenges, I must say. Boo has lost his one-to-one at nursery as we move from one funding pot to another. The new funding should kick in in 2 weeks and buy him more one-to-one each day, but in the meantime I’m putting him in nursery for as short a day as possible on the days I work to have him with boot camp mummy for as long as possible. The result: working until the day after today most nights. But I wouldn’t do things differently. However, the tiredness (although not as bad as you’d think) certainly made an unexpected appointment to discuss an EEG Boo had 5 weeks ago and we were told was OK (98% normal) a bit harder to take. Turned out it was a wasted appointment where I was just told the same things again rather than the bad news I feared I’d been called in to receive. Never have I been so glad of a wasted appointment.

In other good news, I really feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders after telling so many people I work with about Boo. Getting through the first day of last week’s conference, during which over a hundred people asked me how Boo was doing, was pretty hard. But it is such a relief to know people know now and to see that it hasn’t changed anything in terms of how they see me. I’m still me. Just a slightly more ragged and, in other ways, more improved me.

I’m happy to report that Sissyboo is doing well at school and outside school (post about that planned for Monday for Magic Moments), although her maths needs work (in other words, Mummy doesn’t spend time doing numbers with her because we are too busy). I cannot believe she has only a few days left in reception. How did that happen?

What else? Oh yes, the sun in shining and I had a lovely day with Boo and some friends from the US at Dover Castle on Tuesday. (Note to self, lugging a 10kg, non trunk-controlled non-toddling toddler to the top of the Great Tower is not great for your back!)  I even got out for a run. My fitness has plummeted since getting injured after my half marathon and going back to work so let’s hope I don’t get that London Marathon ballot place. No: let’s hope I do. I will get fit again.

Oh and I was listed in the Tots100 Fresh Five this week by the lovely Mummy Pink Wellies. I am humbled, gobsmacked and otherwise thrilled.

I hope you have found lots of sunshine through the clouds too, this week. I love hearing from you. So please share your good news below.

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