Good News Friday #14: Crazy Times

I don’t know whether it’s the uncharacteristic heat that’s addled my brain or just that this week has been so full of stuff, but I nearly forgot it was Friday today. Surely it must be Wednesday.

It’s a feeling I have a lot lately – of time accelerating vertiginously. Yesterday – OK last September, but it feels like yesterday – Sissyboo started reception. This week and next is full of end of year celebrations at school. So far this week we’ve had a school leavers’ service (lots of tears from year 2 parents) and a class picnic. Today it’s the end of term show at her dance school, and next week we have a reception concert, BFG performance, non-uniform day and then 6 weeks before year 1 starts. Phew!

It’s all good, of course. I’ve had to work super late most nights to catch up with time out of work for school stuff, but it’s been lovely to be able to celebrate the end of a tough and, I hope, good year for Sissyboo. (More on that next week when her reception year is well and truly done.)

But at the same time that time has sped up more than I ever thought possible, it has also slowed. Boo refuses to keep up with the demands of the passage of time. Boo time, as we’ve not entirely lovingly learned to call it, is glacial and idiosyncratic. I have been trying to get him to sit for over 10 months. 10 months, people!  In that time his sister had gone from newborn to crawling and standing. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the longest Groundhog Day ever. Bill Murray had it good, I’m telling you. He didn’t know he was born.

Still, this is Good News Friday, right? For all Boo’s slowness he is still inexplicably happy, funny, sociable and adorable. I say this not to brag (OK, I am bragging a bit) but because it is good news in so many ways, including therapeutically. He does get frustrated but he is easy to motivate because of his temperament, and this means he is always willing to try new things.

So this week his physio suggested a bunch of new exercises on a Swiss ball to attempt to build the core strength that is currently the main impediment to his progress. We are improvising with Sissyboo’s space hopper and it’s hilarious fun. It’s too early to say whether it’s working but a simple change to the daily grind makes an enormous difference to me and it just might to Boo too. I’ll let you know, of course.

And finally in good news, we’ve been provisionally offered a weekly session at a conductive education centre from September. I have to visit to see what I think and the commitment it will take excites and scares me in equal measure. But as Sissyboo has taught me this week, time and tide wait for no one. And the Boos and I, well…we’re doing our best to be ready.

OK. That’s my good news, so over to you. I love hearing your news in the comments below, on my FB page or on Twitter. Do get in touch. It makes my weekend!

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