Good News Friday #16 and The Play Agenda

Well, it’s been a much better week in Boo Land, I must say. There have been a few annoying gripes, so I’ll get those out of the way first. We’re still beating our heads against a brick wall for some of the many referrals we have for Mr Boo. I’m not that worried that we’ve been on the list for Speech and Language for 8 months, but the fact that his 2 OT referrals (health and social services) have not come through yet is really getting to me.

Boo still can’t sit. He has inadequate trunk control to sit in any high chair we’ve seen and the stiffness in his arms as he tries to manipulate objects while in a seated position means he is in danger of doing some serious damage to his spine. We have been using a Cushi Tush for months, and that has been marvellous and got us around these problems to date, but he is about to outgrow it. Our physio and Early Years Co-ordinator keep firing off emails, but we still don’t seem to be moving up the list. Grrr…

The other bit of not so good news is that I have been a bit unwell, with some bizarre symptoms I won’t go into. Basically, it seems that I have a vitamin deficiency, not due to poor diet, but stress and exhaustion, which has depleted my B vitamin stores. I have been told to rest and exercise more. I don’t think the GP was impressed when I laughed and said ‘Well, if you can tell me how I can make that happen I’d be delighted’. I will try, of course, and, best news of all, we are going on holiday next week for two weeks, so that will no doubt help. But yes. Fitting in two more things in my life without any real option to drop anything seems a bit impossible at the moment.

Anyway, enough of that. On to good news. The relief of Mr Boo getting his one-to-one back, and in fact more one-to-one at nursery, has me feeling a whole lot better this week. On top of that we had a brilliant physio session at the nursery on Monday where I felt they all got a much better handle on Boo’s needs. They’ve agreed to move him on to the next room (he’s currently with non-moving babies who are significantly younger than him) and although he’ll still be the oldest and lest physically able in the new room, the kids he’ll be with are closer to his cognitive level, which has to be a good thing. His new keyworker is lovely and seems to belong to the Mrboosmum school of Boo care. No, we’re not giving up. Come on: see this shiny thing. Distracted now? OK good, on we go.

He seems, also, to be making tentative physical progress, too. I am hesitating as I type here as I’ve been here before and been disappointed, but Boo seems to me to be a little closer to independent sitting. He has developed (only about 8 months late, but you know, we’ll take that) an obsession with his feet, and as he attempts to eat them while sitting his saving and propping reflexes seem to be improving. He seems to be better able to push back when flopped forward in sitting. His back seems to me at least to be a little less curved. I may be wrong, but please don’t let me be wrong. The day Boo can sit will just about be one of the happiest of my life. My back and I will have the biggest  party ever. I’m not putting out the bunting just yet, but I know where it is. Just in case.

The other great news this week is that my lovely sister has taken a few days off work to stay with us and to look after Sissyboo for a few days while I work before going on holiday myself. It has been fabulous to have another willing and capable pair of hands around. She adores the kids, almost as much as they idolise her, and seeing them so happy together has been fabulous. And it’s meant, she says, seamlessly seguing into this week’s Play Agenda update for Not Different But Interesting, that I’ve been able to pass the baton on so that Sissyboo can do some fun and educational things while I’m busy tapping on the keyboard.

This week, she went to the cinema and did some modelling. She also went to a local National Trust house and gardens (we’re members so it was a cheap day out) and had a picnic (made by her own fair hands) and started working through the 50 Things to Do before You’re 11 3/4. Perhaps most exciting of all, she went to the Natural History Museum for the first time and had an amazing time seeing the dinosaur and human body exhibits. She was especially taken with the butterfly and caterpillar exhibit (she has been in butterfly class in her reception year and they have become something of an obsession). Apart from getting annoyed with the ‘silly people’ who kept touching the butterflies, she had a terrific time and has been poring over a butterfly book we bought her some time ago ever since. We seem to be pacing things well. She was a bit tired after the Natural History Museum. But the long day, short day, long trip, very local, costly, virtually free rhythm seems to be working well.

Of course, there’s a part of me that is sad that I can’t do all of these things with her myself. But she is having a ball and the important thing is the experience. It does mean relinquishing a bit of control, of course. My sister bought her an Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD that I think I would have tried very hard to persuade her to pass over for something else and she allowed her to get a Katie Price pink pony book from the library earlier in the week. When my sister saw the look of horror I couldn’t quite hide on my face, she said: it’s OK, I’m sure she didn’t write it.

But there’s still been some time for Mummy and Sissyboo and I’ve especially enjoyed bedtimes. We’ve been reading the first Famous Five book (should finish it tonight) and it to see the look of unbridled excitement on her face as they get into scrapes, drink ginger beer and some ruffians threaten to shoot Timmy is just priceless.

So it’s all good really. But best of all, we have two weeks together now. It’s the first two week holiday I’ve had with Sissyboo since she’s been born. And I can’t wait!

I so hope you have good news to share with us. We love hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Good News Friday #16 and The Play Agenda

  1. pinkoddy

    I can so relate to you in regards to those pesky lists – we have been waiting on some since the start of the year. Shame everything basically boils down to money. Glad there’s good news too – and that is great about the 1:1. Hope you enjoy your holiday.
    We went to the National History Museum yesterday and it was all a bit much for little man – especially how crowded it was around those dinosaurs.

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      I can understand that (the crowds, I mean). I must confess that I have started to get very down about the waiting lists since coming back from our hols yesterday. I feel like I really want to get on with stuff but there’s only do much you can do without the specialist support. I have all digits crossed that neither of us will have to wait much longer…

  2. sarahmo3w

    Lots of good news there! Hope you really enjoy your holiday 🙂 And fingers crossed that Mr Boo really is on his way to sitting. Popping over from Motivational Monday.

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Thank you. We had a lovely time, thanks. Found coming back very hard, but am sure it will get easier when we get into our normal routine! Hope you get away too!


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