Stop that, Boo!

I love quiet. I like to work in complete silence, or with classical music on very quietly on the radio in the background. I relish the sound of silence. Peace. Quiet.

And of course, with two young kids, I rarely experience it. But I’ve come to love the noisy hustle and bustle of our house: the music, the machines whirring constantly to clean up the debris of our lives, Sissyboo’s singing, the tears and the tantrums (sometimes from the kids), the negotiating for treats (ditto). It’s familiar. It’s comforting. It’s home.

But yesterday it struck me that another sound had entered our house and was competing for airspace. ‘Stop that, Boo!’ has become, without me even really noticing it, a recurring refrain of our day-to-day. It started out with repeated requests for Boo to stop pulling my hair or Sissyboo’s. He still does that. A lot. But just recently I noticed it’s happening in a increasing variety of contexts.

‘Stop that, Boo!’, I found myself saying yesterday when he was about to grab his dad’s coffee cup from out of his hand. ‘Stop that, Boo!’ when he was trying to pull the DVDs off the bookcase near the Cushi Tush he was sitting in, or trying to grab my food off my plate while sat on my lap.

I emphasise the trying, here. Reaching and grabbing are still inexact sciences for Boo as he struggles to get past the chaotic signals his brain is sending his limbs. But he usually gets at, or very near what he’s after, even if he can’t hold them well, and cups of water and pepper pots have started to fly.

And you know what? It’s bloody brilliant!

You know what it’s like. You have a child. They are adorable, but they can’t move or do much. You think, ‘Oh they’re so cute, but won’t it be great when they can move, or reach to play with my hair or talk to me’. And then they can do these things and all those people with that annoyingly knowing smile who said ‘Be careful what you wish for’ turn out to be right as chaos enters your house. All of a sudden the fate of all of your worldly possessions rests in the ham-fisted grasp of a toddler. It keeps you on your toes. ‘Remember the days they couldn’t do this,’ you say ruefully.

Not me. Not this time round.

Boo, you cause as much chaos as you like. Because I can’t tell you how glad I am that you can. I can’t tell you how much it buoys me up to gently and half-heartedly berate you for things I thought you’d be doing 12 months ago. How wonderful it is to talk to you, not just as a child who has to be carefully and specially looked after and loved, a child who has to be therapeutically handled because he’s fragile, but as a toddler-cum-Incredible Hulk.

I love this new chaos and I don’t want it to stop no matter what I say. ‘Go on’, she says, doing her best Captain America impression, ‘Boo… smash!’


22 thoughts on “Stop that, Boo!

  1. swanarchie07

    Yay I love those moments too with Archie B those moments of you no its naughty but because they have done it and you never thought they would you just dobt mind if they do it again . Well done Mr boo xx

  2. Nicola

    Tears in my eyes! How amazing to realise how precious it is that your child is growing and developing – we do take it for granted. Go Boo!

  3. Iona@redpeffer

    Having a little idea of what you and your family experience sometimes and the challenges, it’s so lovely to read this post. Go Boo! Long may it continue. I’ve nominated this post for Love all Blogs Wednesday.

  4. CharlyH

    I’m so glad you’re seeing it in such a positive way-we all need to remember to turn things on their head sometimes to see the good. We didn’t know anything was wrong with David until he was 6 months, when he wasn’t developing ‘normally’ but he has come so so far. For years, he couldn’t say my name, so I was known as har-har…imagine my delight when he could say my name…and no matter how may times he pesters and shouts Charly Charly Charly, I still smile inside that he’s saying my name! So well done you and well done boo! X

  5. Jane

    This is fantastic, keep up the good work Mr Boo. I can really relate to your feelings as it really bugs me when parents say to their children ‘Can you just shut up for a minute’. I want to say ‘Don’t tell them to shut up, you really don’t know how lucky you are for them to be talking’. It just shows you how important these little things are to us :0).

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements

  6. mrboosmum Post author

    Reblogged this on Premmeditations and commented:

    Hello, is anyone out there? If there is, sorry for the radio silence. I am on holiday (3 days of our 2 weeks to go). I meant to write on the blog to tell people but ran our of time packing all the usual holiday stuff (DLA letters, syringes, etc.) But I am missing the blog and you lovely readers, so here’s a post from this time last year and a reminder to me that though we are still moving in inchstones, Boo has come so far. Watch this space when I get back to find out how!


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