Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’

I’m going to give the credit to Jane. It must be down to Jane. Small Steps Amazing Achievements is a lovely linky.

If you haven’t visited it or participated in it yet, you have missed a treat. It’s a place to go and celebrate the amazing things our kids do. These things can be big (first words or steps) or more modest, those small things that make up the big pictures that are our children. It’s not a SEN linky, although Jane’s beautiful boy Ethan has additional needs. But you can see why it especially appeals to parents like me, though, I’m sure. Size is definitely relative in SSAA. The little things can mean a great deal (the first rule of Premmie Club). And I get a real kick sharing these each Wednesday.

But sometimes Boo doesn’t get with the programme of Jane’s schedule. Sometimes I scrape around to find progress where, if I’m honest, I can’t see any. (There always is, as this linky makes me see, but sometimes it gets obscured in the fog of familiarity and frustration.)

This week is one of those weeks. No: it was one of those weeks. I got to Tuesday lunchtime and thought, hmm, no SSAA post for me this week. I was totally exhausted as Boo’s sleep problems get even worse (I would blog about it, if I could keep my eyes open for ten minutes) and couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel we’d entered. Next week. I’ll write something for the linky next week, I thought.

And then I went to pick up Boo from a morning at nursery. One of the girls in the room (his former keyworker until he changed rooms recently) said: ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to make you cry’. Oh God, his one-to-one has gone, I thought. His Cushi Tush is broken. They can’t do his physio any more…

‘He rolled today. From this front to his back. Deliberately. He wouldn’t stop. He found it hilarious!’

I didn’t cry. I couldn’t believe it. Then his current keyworker ran in and said ‘Has she told you? We couldn’t believe it. I called everyone from Toddler Room 1 too. We were all watching him. It was amazing!’

I saw her beaming smile and I believed it. Tears welled up and Boo’s carers cried too.

At 17 months (actual not corrected) a baby rolling from tummy to back (not even a 360 degree roll) shouldn’t be news. But it is and the girls at nursery got it. It means so much to me that they got it. I want to shout it from the rooftops. My son can roll. 180 degrees only. But still. He can half roll.

After 12 months of daily practice in physio at home – 12 months, people – Boo has finally enough control over his head and the spasticity in his arms and legs to move from his front to back. And he was suitably pleased with himself to put it mildly. He wants to roll. He is determined to move himself. And now he and we can see a glimpse of hope that he might. I have not stopped smiling all afternoon and Sissyboo has declared this ‘the best day of her life’. (I’ve told you she’s a smasher!)

Thanks,  Jane. He must have known about the linky and been worried about what Mummy could write. Either that or 12 months of physio is working.

Keep the ball rolling, Boo. We’re behind you all the way!


11 thoughts on “Rollin’, Rollin’ Rollin’

  1. Wendy Hirst (@savvywendy)

    Wow well done to both of you. This is a massive achievement and should be blogged about. I remember when Zak was 18 months and he just used to lie there ( he had low muscle tone ) and he rolled. I sobbed. Like you it’s such a momentous occassion

  2. amy

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY go go go Boo 🙂 I remember when my little girl rolled at around 15/16 months old. I had given up hope and it was AMAZING. What a good mid-week lift! xxx

  3. Jane

    Tears from me too. You do it every time! This is so amazing and what made it so much better was that everyone got how massive this is for him and you. Keep it up Mr Boo and tell mummy thanks for the lovely mention.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  4. Orli D

    It’s wonderful. Such a big moment for you and him. It is so good (and rare) to have such lovely and supportive people working with him in nursery, and that they understood the magnitude of the moment for both of you. 🙂


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