Good News Friday #33: Bee Happy

Well, how did that happen? It’s Friday again. It’s been a frantic week and it ain’t over yet.

But I was determined to get a Good News Friday post out and on a Friday. Because this week we have had some especially great news.

I could write a long post about it, but if you follow this blog and our tedious and upsetting battles in getting equipment for Boo, you’ll know what this means.

10 months of waiting, complaining, tears, negotiations and upset. It has been horrible. But now we are the proud users of a Jenx seating system for Boo which should see him through to age 4-5.


He is comfortable and posturally sound for the first time in his 19 months of life. And he and we couldn’t Bee happier!


I so hope you have some good news to share with us, too. We love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Good News Friday #33: Bee Happy

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Thanks, it is. It’s a big old beastie, but just what he needs. I hope you’re well. I am so behind on replying to blog comments, but I’m always so pleased to hear from you and am catching up with your blog!

      1. nicolanoo

        As long as it’s what he needs that’s all that counts. I just hope you have room for it. Yeah, I’m not too bad thank you. Hope you’re well too, I always look forward to seeing your name pop up on my wordpress reader. Thank you for taking the time to read mine too.

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