Happily Ever After? It’s all a Matter of Perspective

So, this week’s Throwback Thursday takes me back to a year ago this week, when I went back to work after 13 months following Boo’s birth. It was a new start that made me think a lot about unexpected endings. It expresses a whole lot of things that, if anything, I believe in even more now. Hope you like it.


Sissyboo has a bit of an Apple fetish. She is almost as obsessed about I-products as her Dad. And that’s saying something. If she’s not trying to watch the latest episode of The Dumping Ground on the iPad, she’s got my iPhone in her hand so she can pull Talking Tom’s tail or watch Annie in Portuguese (I’m not kidding, this has happened more than once). Her latest favourite hobby, though, is trying to watch that YouTube video where a talented American guy sings about what happens after the happily ever after for Disney heroines Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas. In case you haven’t seen it (look it up, it’s great!) all I’ll say is it involves BP oil spills, Guantanemo Bay, accusations of beastiality and STDs. That’s why I said trying to watch. We turn it off, much to Sissyboo’s consternation, when she gets to the juicy bits.

I love the…

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