Testing, Testing, One, Two, Me

This post means a lot to me, although few people have read it. I wrote it a year ago, the day before Boo had the diagnostic tests that would confirm he had quad CP, severe brain damage and an X-men chromosomal abnormality no one understands. In so many ways out lives have moved on, but I still play triage every day. And I feel just as strongly about my desire not to fail my kids no matter how testing things get.


It’s another big day in Boo Land tomorrow. I know… I need a better blog post opener than that. I’ve been overusing it lately. But to be frank, that’s because we’ve had a tonne of big days in Boo Land lately what with all the anniversaries of what happened or should’ve been. I’m done with it all now. I want the big days to end. I want a bit of peace. I think, I hope, tomorrow might be putting us on the road to that elusive destination.

You see, tomorrow Boo has his big diagnostic tests: MRI (to get the completest picture of his brain damage to date), a lumbar puncture and full bloods and urine tests to rule out genetic or metabolic disorders. We are, hopefully, on the path to diagnosis. A path, I hope, that leads to cerebral palsy, for that, unlike genetic or metabolic disorders, doesn’t scare…

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