Stop that, Boo!

Hello, is anyone out there? If there is, sorry for the radio silence. I am on holiday (3 days of our 2 weeks to go). I meant to write on the blog to tell people but ran our of time packing all the usual holiday stuff (DLA letters, syringes, etc.) But I am missing the blog and you lovely readers, so here’s a post from this time last year and a reminder to me that though we are still moving in inchstones, Boo has come so far. Watch this space when I get back to find out how!


I love quiet. I like to work in complete silence, or with classical music on very quietly on the radio in the background. I relish the sound of silence. Peace. Quiet.

And of course, with two young kids, I rarely experience it. But I’ve come to love the noisy hustle and bustle of our house: the music, the machines whirring constantly to clean up the debris of our lives, Sissyboo’s singing, the tears and the tantrums (sometimes from the kids), the negotiating for treats (ditto). It’s familiar. It’s comforting. It’s home.

But yesterday it struck me that another sound had entered our house and was competing for airspace. ‘Stop that, Boo!’ has become, without me even really noticing it, a recurring refrain of our day-to-day. It started out with repeated requests for Boo to stop pulling my hair or Sissyboo’s. He still does that. A lot. But just recently I…

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