Good News Friday #71

OK. It’s been a while, I know. I actually had to trawl through my own blog archive to see when I last wrote a Good News Friday post. And apparently, the last time I wrote my weekly update of things to be upbeat about was May. May! Obviously, this is ludicrous. A ton of good things have happened in the interim, including a whole bunch of new inchstones achieved by Boo, many of which I have documented on the blog. The latest, in case you missed it, is here.

So what’s taken me so long? Well, my recent holiday made me see what should have been plainly evident. I was/still am a bit burnt out. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees and although I kept blogging through the darkness, or rather blogging kept me going through it, I was uncertain about whether to continue with the blog any more. I’ll say more about that next week, but a clue to my decision is that I am committed to starting Good News Friday again and hope that linking it up with the uplifting Reasons to be Cheerful linky will give me the impetus I need when things seem harder than I want them to be.

So here goes. You’re not going to get 3 months of good news in one post, I promise, just a few recent highlights.

1) The holiday. The Boos are all still speaking to each other after 2 weeks away together.

After last year’s holiday, which I sincerely thought might be our last, this is a huge thing. The holiday last year, our first prolonged stay together since Boo’s birth made painfully clear, if they weren’t clear enough before, that ours was a different kind of family of four life than we had envisaged. We went away only to get some unpalatable home truths. It was not easy to stomach. But we all needed to know, of course.

This year’s holiday brought a few more. No more holidays clambering over coastal paths and climbing up rocks and nipping into any cafe we felt like even if you have to use a spiral staircase to get to the seating area for us. We also were reminded how people like to stare and are prone to say silly things. But we also found out how much Boo loves the sea and aeroplanes. We saw daily how much his sister adores him and how powerful her death stares are when directed at people who look out of turn at her little brother. And I got so much from quality time with my kids, a rare commodity in a life dictated by therapy, appointments, school days, homework and afterschool clubs and my job. I needed it. I really did.

2) Running. With my half marathon a little over three weeks away I had to continue running on holiday and I did. I managed 6 runs, including a 9-miler in torrential rain on the Camel Trail. My back is still not playing ball all the time, but it is getting stronger and so am I. I will do that run. I know that now. And that’s a very good feeling.

3) Meeting new old friends. I must be getting bolder as I get older. In the last few months I have met in real life some of the wonderful people I have come to know in the blogosphere and Twittersphere. I guard my anonymity quite fiercely, not because I am a precious kind of person, but because I have a job and frankly, I don’t think I could write this blog as I do knowing people I work with or meet through my work could read it. The blog is too important to me not to be able to write things as I see them. But I have met such amazing people since starting Premmeditations and having and taking the opportunity to meet some of them and their amazing children has been frankly fabulous. The last one involved the best cream tea I have ever had and a beach!

Right good news over for this week. I’m sure they’ll be lots more next week.

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