Decluttering: Hard on the Heart but Good for the Soul

For #ThrowbackThursday I am reposting something from this time last year. The post turned out to be a bit of a phoney, I must admit. I did put aside all the things that Boo couldn’t use that his non-special needs sister had. But it was too painful to sell them then. I put them in a cupboard and forgot about them. But in 10 days time I am doing a nearly new sale to sell old clothes and toys. Some have sentimental value. Many do not. But the pain that was behind this post feels just as real to me now, even if it has deadened a bit into a dull ache. Do I sell Sissyboo’s old jigsaws knowing we need space for walkers and standing frames and therapy benches? Makes sense, right? But when doing so means not just giving away things but a life you thought was yours and never will be, believe me, it’s tough. Thanks for reading.


I read a lovely post the other week by the fabulous Learner Mother. It was about September and her new year urges to get her life sorted and ultra organised. I recognised these feelings. It’s partly a symptom of working in Higher Ed. I always operate according to two years at any one time: the calendar year and the academic year. And for me the academic year has always felt more New Yearsy (that is absolutely a word, before you go running to the dictionary…) than New Year itself. It’s something to do with the weather being better and not feeling weighted down by all those mince pies, I think. In September I want to plan, file, spring clean, declutter and otherwise sort my life out.

This year is no exception. But I admit, I’ve hit a brick wall.

Decluttering. It’s not something I usually have a problem with…

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