Good News Friday #72

I always think the weeks go quickly, but this week has gone at warp speed. It started with two inset days and now we’re totally into the new school year, homework, violin practice and snooze buttons on my alarm. In weeks like this it’s even more helpful to take stock and remind myself of the good stuff before I forget. So here goes, another Good News Friday, which I’m linking up to Reasons to be Cheerful.

1) Girl’s day in. My life is pretty manic. To be honest, I never knew life could be so complicated before I had Boo. But of course, if I resented the complications of our life now it would be like resenting him, which I don’t. Not for a minute. I’ll take the stresses and frustrations. All of them. Because they mean we have Boo, who brings more joy to our lives than I could ever have imagined. But I have to admit I do regret one thing about the complications of Boo life: the time taken away from his sister. It is so hard to give her the attention she needs and deserves when so often his needs are so much more immediate. I miss our time together. I miss that I can’t leave his side even for a second to prioritise her unless someone else is with me. We used to have a lovely Homestart volunteer who enabled me to , but have no help, to spend two hours a week with her, but we have no nearby relatives or respite now and the juggling is a bit tiring. But Monday was a fab day. Boo was at nursery and Sissyboo had an inset day. I offered to take her to London for a mummy-daughter day out but said she could set the agenda for the day. Where did she want to go? Not London this time. Turned out the answer was nowhere. She wanted to have a craft day at home. In particular she had two puppet theatres we had started to make and had never finished. Six hours, two pairs of scissors (yep, I broke one pair cutting up card) and a lot of giggles later and they were both done. And they looked mighty fine, I must say. But not as good as I felt having a whole precious day with my rapidly growing little girl. Which brings me onto …

2) The start of Year 2, which has gone well for Sissyboo. She had a bit of a wobble on day one, just lining up for class, but it passed very quickly and she has loved being back with her friends and adores her new teacher. A huge relief.

And Boo has done his own moving on. He’s moved into an older class in conductive education, which we attend one morning a week. It’s daunting to be with older kids and to have to learn so many new things (I mean for me, Boo isn’t easily unsettled even by things that are really hard for him). It’s also hard (again more for me than him) to be with bigger kids (all are at least 6 months older and are all independently sitting and some crawling or standing or walking). But he is so up for the challenge and totally determined. We may be lagging far behind at the moment but he’ll pick up these new skills in his way in his own time. I know it. Oh and a little inchstone was met today that I had almost given up on. More on that soon.

and finally 3) my running is going pretty well. I still find running long distances very hard, especially with my carer’s back trouble, but I am going faster and am so encouraged by other people cheering me on that I just know I’ll do this half marathon in just over two weeks. If the Boos can push themselves and never give up, so can I.

OK, those are my good news highlights. I am hoping for lots more next week after an important weekend for us. I’ll keep you posted on that. And do let us know of your good news this week. We love to hear from you.




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