RSV and the Silly Season

For this week’s Throwback Thursday and the beginning of the month which sees us mark World Prematurity Day here’s a post about a subject very dear to my heart. RSV are three letters I hadn’t ever put together before’s birth, although I had likely had it and passed it on to others. This nasty virus has probably affected you and you barely knew it. But it could seriously harm vulnerable children like Boo. In December 2012, it put him back in hospital (where he caught it from, ironically) and nearly put him back on ventilation. And all because people don’t wash their hands properly or commit to basic hygiene. Please, please, read and share this post. Let’s try to prevent kids getting really sick this year by taking a few simple steps. It’s very easy. It’d be silly not to.



It’s the silly season: Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas are all upon us. And with that comes about 1000 requests a day (more or less) from Sissyboo’s school for gifts, cakes, volunteering, costumes and … oh I can’t finish the sentence because I feel queasy now.

It’s also cold and flu season. More to the point for former premmies and medically compromised kids like Boo, it’s RSV season. Until March next year. That’s right people. Until March.

RSV… I’ve said before that after having Boo I entered by own private hell of acronyms. In the NICU (acronym #1) I had to learn about the dangers of NEC and CLD, the problems that can attend NG feeding and the TPN that can help to alleviate them. Then we experienced the horrors of IVHs and the CP and IS they led to.

When we finally got Boo home, though, the one acronym…

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