Merry Christmas

Hello. It’s me. You’d be forgiven for forgetting who on earth I am or what this little blog is all about.

There’s no point lying to you guys – you who know more about me than anyone else. The last few months have been pretty tough. I nearly lost my way. I’m not quite sure I’ve found my way back yet, if I’m honest, but I’m pretty sure I’m headed in the right direction now.

Christmas is a crazy fun and crazy busy time of year here. But it also gives time to reflect and breathe. There hasn’t been enough of that round here lately. Once again, I won’t tell lies. Each year that passes brings many regrets and multiple challenges and sadnesses. Milestones I hoped we’d nail by this Christmas but haven’t. Worries over education, walking and Boo’s clicking hips. But I am also immensely proud and pleased with all that he and we have achieved. More on those achievements too, I promise.

And there have been other reasons to celebrate too. This blog is one of them. I have blogged much less than I wanted to in the second half of the year. I just haven’t had the time or heart. I miss it enormously. But you have stuck with me and offered a virtual ear or shoulder and words of wisdom and encouragement when needed. This makes me more grateful than I can express.

Blogging has opened up my world to include an enormous number of incredibly lovely people. You know who you are. Thank you for helping ease me towards 2015 and all it will bring.

I hope you all have a completely fabulous Christmas and that I’ll see more of you in 2015!



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