GoTo Goes from strength To strength

At the beginning of 2014 we got a piece of kit for Boo that was a game-changer. At the time, we were struggling to access the OT service he so badly needed (how depressing that that statement is about as true now as it was over 18 months ago). We had little adequately postural supportive seating for him and the simplest things, the little things, like going to a cafe or going round to a friend’s house were really difficult.

Where to put him?

At that point, I could have him on my lap and carry him better than I can now, but it wasn’t easy even then and even ignoring the twinges in my back, it wasn’t good for him not to be adequately supported. But the GoTo by Firefly by Leckey changed that.

Not long after we brought it, I blogged about that revolutionary and deceptively simple, light-weight liner that can attach to dining room chairs in a few clicks. We took it with us to cafes and restaurants and on family visits. And when Boo got too big for it, we passed it on to another family who I know are very grateful for it.

Roll on to October 2015 and Boo has a new GoTo. It’s not just the bigger size, but a new look and even better GoTo seat that comes (for an additional cost) with a feature that I could wax lyrical about until you have all been yelling at me to stop for several hours. A floor sitter! Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.46.15

So this mighty (and mightily light – not a phrase that usually accompanies any special needs equipment) piece of kit serves multiple functions. The new GoTo does all that our old GoTo did. We can pop Boo up at the dining room table on a chair like his big sister to eat or play. Or we can take it out and about with us to put in a shopping trolley or swing in the park.

The floor sitter, though, is invaluable for visiting friends and family. Boo’s adapted buggy is bulky. It also gets completely filthy in this wonderful autumnal weather we are enjoying. (You can see the looks of polite dismay when you ask friends if you can bring it into they house for Boo to sit in.) It is impossible to put under a dining room table and puts him at an odd height relatively to any other little people who might want to play with him.

Using the GoTo with the floor sitter, being able to get down on the floor, to stretch out those impossibly tight hamstrings of his, to play on the carpet with his sister is an AMAZING thing to see. Corner seats do exist for children like Boo and they are wonderful. They are also pricey and weigh about as much as my car. This is so portable, practical, postural supportive (and Boo’s needs are complex) and, you know what, it’s pleasing to look at, too.

I am not a person who covets bits of kit or gets excited by gadgets in my day-to-day life. But as the mum to a child with complex physical needs, I dream about pieces of equipment that will make his and, to be honest, our family’s lives easier and better. The GoTo does that. Even better than before.

1 thought on “GoTo Goes from strength To strength

  1. Peppery

    Thanks for writing about this, it looks amazing. We’ve currently borrowed a corner seat from our OT and while it’s great, I can’t IMAGINE trying to bring it anywhere.


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