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A few things about me and blogging (Liebster Style)

Last week marked my 6-month bloggerversary. I still can’t quite believe that the wheels haven’t fallen off the blog in recent months. In all honesty, sometimes, the blog feels like the only together thing in Boo Land. That’s in part down to having somewhere to clear my head and think aloud, but it’s also, as I’ve said before, because of those of you who read this: blog readers and fellow bloggers, who are just about the nicest people I’ve (almost, but never quite) met. You keep me sane. You make me laugh. And sometimes, you make me cry. Whatever: you invariably buoy me up.


So imagine how lovely it was to be nominated for a Liebster award. This is actually my second Liebster award post, which is probably breaking some good-blogging rule, but I never said I was a good blogger. And since the person who nominated me was the completely wonderful womanunadorned, author of an amazing and poignant blog that I have only discovered since blogging myself and which I now read avidly, well… I couldn’t say no.

Now womanunadorned knows more than her fair share about life’s damned intricacies and relaxed the Liebster award rules (usually 10 nominations, and 10 questions) accordingly. So, I only have three questions to answer. Phew! That said, it has still taken me a few weeks to write those answers up, which just goes to prove, should you foolishly have doubted it, that womanadorned is wise and perceptive. Anyway, here are the questions and my answers.

1. What blog post are you most proud of? 

I’m not good at trumpet blowing, but I found this surprisingly easy. It’s my ‘Dear Me: A Letter to Myself’ post, where I tried to rid myself of the guilt I feel for Boo’s premature birth and associated disabilities. It wasn’t my idea, as I explain in the post. It was an exercise suggested during a short course of cognitive behavioural therapy. I’m proud not because I came up with a good idea, but because I committed to print things I needed to allow myself to say and I let myself off the hook (for once). Mostly, though, I’m proud because it provoked many others to write posts on the same subject, a number of which hooked up to the one linky Premmeditations has hosted. They are some of the most powerful blog posts I have ever read.

2. Have you ever removed a blog post after publishing it, and if so, can you tell us why?

No. Actually I haven’t. I think this is because it takes me so long to type up on my phone (the occupational hazard of the anonymous and secret blogger) the posts that have been swirling round in my head for weeks that they have long since been edited before they end up on the blog.

3. Who do you secretly hope reads your blog?

Well, I’ve said this before, but I may as well repeat it: I still find it wonderful and amazing that anyone reads it all. I don’t have a particular reader in mind when I write, although I hope some parents of premature babies or children with additional needs feel the blog speaks to them. Mostly, though, I hope that I make the time to read the posts I write. Sometimes, I need to hear what I have to say.

OK. So now I get to ask the questions. And I feel like breaking the rules, too. So here are another 3 questions for 3 wonderful bloggers that I hope you already know and love, but if not, you now know where to find them.

My questions are:

1. How do you keep your head while all around are losing theirs?

2. What do you wish you could know about your future?

3. What do you wish you could tell yourself of 10 years ago?

My nominated bloggers are:

1. Itssmallworld This wonderful blog is about Small, a little guy with a long lists of symptoms, no diagnosis and a whole lot of character. Oh and did I mention that he has a fabulous mum?

2. LearnerMother Michelle may recently have declared herself a Muppet, but don’t be fooled. She is quite honestly one of the loveliest bloggers I know and for a self-declared learner, she has taught me a lot about blogging and parenting

3. Complicated Gorgeousness  I have the feeling that if gorgeous Gabe and Boo ever met they would be fast friends. And if I ever met his Mum, well, let’s just say we’d have to have the biggest coffee pot or carafe of wine to hand, because we’d have a lot to talk about.

Really, you need all these blogs in your lives.