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Good News Friday #3

How on earth did it get to be Friday again? This week has been a blur of form filling, work (even though I’m not yet technically back), writing blog posts I hadn’t meant to write, not writing ones I’d planned, oh and appointments. How could I forget the appointments?

So, time to pause. To reflect. To remember the good stuff and try to hold onto it when things get tough. (We’re seeing a neurologist next week for the first time. It’s going to be tough.) But we have lots to celebrate too.

So here goes and please, if you have good news to share about your little ones do write in the comments box. It really lifts my spirits!

Mr Boo’s physio appointment this week was a jolly affair. Apart from being completely uncooperative when expected to demonstrate his tentative commando crawl attempts (he really has perfected the I’m-not-a-performing-seal look), he did well. He is getting slowly closer to independent sitting and did some great weight bearing. For the first time we tried to get him to pull up to stand with some trunk support. I nearly cried. He was so happy at seeing the world from on high and laughed loud and long from his belly. And I loved seeing him upright. It gives me hope that one day he might be able to view the world like this for good. Maybe with an aid. Maybe not. Whatever: it was a wonderful sight.

My Homestart volunteer came round on Tuesday as she does every week for a couple of hours. This time she was bearing gifts. Mr Boo really needs his sleep but fights it like a tiger who’s just realised his keeper needs to sedate him to clean his teeth. It’s not pretty. I have the scratches to prove it. So does M, our volunteer. So she bought Mr Boo a lovely, soothing lullaby playing cuddly sea horse that had belonged to her grandson. She also bought me the number of a lovely lady who’s going to give our DLA application the once over before sending it off. I want to write a dedicated post about Homestart one day because they are amazing. Amazing! Today I just want to say, thanks M. We are so grateful for your can-do, understanding and non-judgemental friendship. It took me a long time to admit we needed help. I am so grateful it came in the form of you.

I was invited to take Mr Boo into Sissyboo’s school this week. Reception are learning about babies and have a baby clinic in their role play area. I talked a bit and answered questions. I think I got away with the, how do you know if your baby is a boy or girl when they’re born question. Just. But mostly I sat back and watched in awe as Sissyboo talked with a confidence it’s hard for her to muster, as well as a heartfelt joy and palpable sense of pride in her miraculous little brother who came early. He is so lucky to have her for his big sister.

Finally, portage starts today. I am so excited about this new (for us) therapy. Hopefully portage will be in our good news next week too.

OK. So how about you?