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Good News Friday #11

This blog is 11 weeks old today. This means it is as old as Boo was premature. Now there’s pause for thought….

It’s hard realising this. So much has happened in the last 11 weeks (I’ve gone back to work, started a blog, seen Boo’s neuro for the first time, got a date for his big diagnostic tests – on Monday, gulp – etc. etc) that it’s really brought home just how very early he was. I feel acutely how much he missed out on. The balloons we put up for his first on 2 April are still hung up, but they are shrivelled, small, and sad. Frequently over the past nearly three months, I have felt as deflated as they look.

But blogging has also made the past 11 weeks (and dealing with the last 14.5 months) so much easier to get through than they might have been. It really is the best form of therapy I’ve found and the people who read this blog or chat to me on Facebook or interact on Pinterest (yes, I have joined Pinterest) make it all so much more bearable.

In more good news from Boo Land, Father’s Day, which coincided with what should have been Boo’s first birthday passed off much better than anticipated and we were able to celebrate the good things that have happened over the last year or so. Best news of all for me is that I don’t have to go through the run of anniversaries (birthday, day he got meningitis, day he nearly died, day he came home, section date, due date) until the spring of next year. Please tell me it gets easier…

We’ve had some lovely physio and Portage sessions this week. Boo is still very far behind where he should be, but he progresses all the time. He did some supported steps for the first time ever on Monday and the smile still can’t be wiped from my face. Maybe he will be able to walk, a little, just maybe. (I’ll tell you more next week in a post I’m planning to link up to Small Steps, a new linky starting next Wednesday run by Ethan’s Escapades). He’s also had lots of fun using some sensory apps on the iPad.

In other good (actually unbelievable) news, I won two (yes: two) prizes in Sissyboo’s school summer fair raffle last weekend. One is a meal for two with wine at a pub about 400 yards away. So if I can find a babysitter, and Boo cooperates, that means The Grumposaur and I can go out for the second time in nearly 15 months! (I clearly need to read my own post on respite more often). Who says we’re unlucky?

And I got out for a run yesterday evening for 30 minutes. Boy, I’ve lost a whole bunch of fitness what with the injury I got after doing my half marathon for Bliss, the demands of work and one thing and another, but I want to keep it up if I can. I find that I need to be as strong as I can mentally and physically to get through the day-to-day and, for me, running helps. In any case, I badly want to do more fundraising for Bliss. I will do it!

Over to you. Most of you will be at Britmums Live today and tomorrow, but if you aren’t or are playing hooky, I’d love to hear your good news in the comments box below.