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Good News Friday #46

Well I’m a bit late with Good News Friday this week, but it’s half term, so things can slide a bit, right?

And half term is a big part of my good news this week. School holidays involve some juggling in Boo Land, given that The Grumposaur and I both work. But we managed, through some creative tag-team parenting. My own contribution was to take a couple of days off. Boo, Sissyboo and I spent a great day together on Thursday, part of which was spent in a lovely, if overcrowded, soft play centre. They had some good facilities for non-walkers there and run special needs sessions we might return for, but on this day the older kids who couldn’t read the signs saying they weren’t to go in the little ones’ area (and whose parents didnt seem to care) piled in regardless and trampled on those who couldn’t trample themselves. But it gave us lots of time to catch up with a good friend and her toddler and read stories while Sissyboo went crazy with her pal. And on Monday I had an all-too-rare Mummy and Sissyboo day at the seaside, which was just lovely.

The fact we were able to do these things owed themselves to the very best good news this week. I am having to restrain myself from using caps here. We had no appointments. No appointments! The last time this happened was for a week at Christmas (35 appointments ago) and it’s truly liberating. We’re back to 3 next week and ready for action following the break.

Lastly, I had some lovely blogging news. I have been nominated in 4 categories (Best Baby Blog, Best Blog Writer, Best New Blog and Blog of the Year) in the Mad Blog Awards. I am gobsmacked and so grateful to anyone who has voted for Premmeditations. This is a tiny blog, written on a phone with Boo asleep on my lap (like this one) or under the duvet at midnight, and I am a rubbish blogger (no pics, inattentive to SEO, few techie skills). I will eat my hat if I make it to the next stage in any category. But I love writing this blog and being nominated has made me one happy lady. Thank you.

OK, over to you and your good news. Go on share. I dare you!