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Good News Friday #41: On a roll

It’s been a soggy, busy and quite relentless week this week. I’ve really struggled to get into the new year routine (why it’s the middle of January, for crying out loud?) and I’m sad about leaving some things behind, particularly the absence of Homestart in our lives (more about that next week) and having to work in a different pattern that means I’m missing Sissyboo a lot. Boo’s sleep has been a bit erratic, which doesn’t make things easier, but it has been so much worse and I am filling in a sleep survey for Cerebra diligently and optimistically so they can offer us some targeted advice via their amazing sleep service.

Amid all the hustle and bustle, it’s often hard to take stock, but there have been a catalogue of small things this week that Boo has done that have made me smile. Each and every one is tiny, but the bigger picture that these inchstones are starting to build up is looking rosier all the time. So, here’s my good news this week, which I’m linking up to Jane over at Ethan’s Escapades, Small Steps Amazing Achievements. Because, frankly, I think they are pretty amazing.

1. White noise. We have started using a white noise machine in Boo’s bedroom in the past couple of weeks. It hasn’t been a miracle cure, but it is certainly helping his sleep a great deal and it’s frankly the best £19.99 I have ever spent. Boo’s preferred white noise of choice is ‘woodlands’ (chirping birds and all that – God, I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll want to go camping one day). It makes him a bit more calm as we try the sometimes seemingly endless process of settling him, but once he’s asleep, it seems to help him block out other sounds and stay asleep for longer stretches.

2. The other white noise. I realised earlier in the week, that I like white noise, too. I usually have the radio on while I work. I listen to Radio 3 (I am only 37, honest) but it helps me block out other audible distractions and get more done. I also realised that the problem with embracing white noise in your life is that sometimes you don’t really hear the things that matter. Like Boo’s speech. I am so used to his incessant babble, the ‘eggs’, ‘ugs’, ‘da-das’ and so on that I hadn’t noticed new sounds until I stopped to listen. Just this week we have ‘en’ and ‘Nan-Nan’ (cue crying from my Mum when I see her later today, I guarantee) and then yesterday ‘wuh-wuh’. I swear I heard ‘woof’ three times this morning, so maybe our 3 weeks of doing animal noises in the mirror while Boo laughed at us is working. There is also a rumour, spread by Sissyboo, The Grumposaur and my sister that ‘Mum’ has been heard. I haven’t heard it myself, but I am desperate to believe it.

3. Steps in the right direction. Boo loves to stand, but can’t do so unaided because of his wibbly trunk. He used to like trying to make little steps too, if you held him tightly enough under his armpits. But this was never easy for him. His leg tone meant his legs scissored a little and lifting his feet off the ground was tough. Then he got Piedro boots which are pretty darn heavy, if completely amazing. They stopped him standing on tip-toe and helped stabilise his ankles and hips. But they also made him lose interest in lifting his feet off the ground completely. That was months ago. And then earlier in the week I was supporting him in standing when his Dad came home from work. And what did he do? He started doing voluntary steps, one by one, left, right, left to get to him. Neither of us could believe it, so we made him do it again. He did. It was obviously tiring for him, so we stopped then, even though I think he would have kept going. We hoped he would do a repeat performance at conductive education this week, but no. Have to remember he’s not a performing seal. All in his own good time, Mrboosmum. All in his own good time.

4. Rolling. OK. You’ll know, if you read this blog regularly that we have been trying to teach Boo to roll from when he was 3 months old (corrected age). He is now 19 months corrected and we have a 3/4 roll. If positioned on his side, he can roll to his front. On his front he can (but doesn’t always want to) roll to his back. But back to side is proving elusive. But then Boo developed an obsession with pulling off his nappy before bath time (he likes pulling off his socks too). I have to bath him and his sister separately now, because his bath seat is so huge no one else could fit in the bath with him in it. To be frank, the bath seat barely fits in the bathroom. So I normally strip him down to his nappy while getting his sister ready, she jumps in and he watches and we blow bubbles until it’s his turn. But the other day, after I’d briefly left the room to check the water temperature, with Boo on the bed, head on a pillow (hang-up from the reflux days), and safe in the knowledge he couldn’t go anywhere, I came back in to see him doing a mini sit-up, trying to reach down to his nappy. And then he grinned, and twisted and used his head to get enough rotation to pull his leg up and over and roll onto his tummy. Much hilarity and clapping ensued from me and Sissyboo, despite this not being the most elegant of moves and he repeated it a few times before collapsing into his trademark fit of giggles.

Now this doesn’t mean he can roll yet. He certainly couldn’t have done this without the advantage of head height or the motivation of pulling his nappy off (this is not a move he’s ready to replicate yet with clothes on) but it’s a start. And when the door is open a crack, we just keep nudging it open bit by bit until one day, we hope, we can fling it wide open.

That’s the Boos’ way. Because to be honest, there is no other.

OK, that’s our good news and Boo’s achievements. I hope you have lots of good news to share too. Do get in touch. We love to hear from you.