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Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Things you Won’t Know about Me



A while ago (OK, quite a while ago), the lovely Mummytries nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award. You can read her post here. The idea is that you offer up 7 random facts about yourself and then pass on the brief to some of your other favourite bloggers.

It’s taken a while to sift through the randomness of my life to pick out a few things you won’t know about me or that eat away at my anonymity, but here they are. Random, huh?

1. I have been in the same profession now for about 11 years, but before that I had a range of jobs, including working in a petrol station, working for a car finance company and working as a bank cashier in a very badly fitting, hot-flush inducing uniform. The glamour of it!

2. I love a good fictional murder, in books, films, or on TV. I have quite a particular soft spot for Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and virtually any of the nordic noir writers.

3. I can play several musical instruments quite badly: the violin, organ, different recorders, the flute and guitar.

4. I have been driven round racing tracks and rally courses by world-class drivers and never want to do this again because it is frankly terrifying.

5. I have read the novels of Jane Austen more times than is normal.

6. Since Boo’s birth I have been mistaken for a medical doctor four times and twice for a paediatric neurologist.

7. I once met David Tenant at the BAFTAs, just before he took over as Dr Who. We drank champagne and talked about Cassanova for a while. If I hadn’t actually been there I’d think I was making this up too. The glamour of it!

OK, so now to pass this on. I can nominate up to 13 people, I think, but that seems a bit much, so I’m opting for just 3: Abstract Lucas, Ethan’s Escapades, Beadzoid