A Truly Magic Moment

Today Boo had his big diagnostic tests (MRI, lumbar puncture, full bloods and urine) under general anaesthetic. When the anaesthetist asked if I would like to kiss Boo once he was asleep and before I had to leave him, I felt sick and my legs turned to mush. It occurred to me that there was a chance (remote, I know) that he might not wake up. It felt awful.

But a few magic moments later (60 minutes later to be precise) he did wake up. He was grumpy as anything. But a bottle, some cuddles and two Welsh cakes later and he was smiling and playing again.

Post MRI

Thanks for coming back to us, Boo. We missed you big time!


4 thoughts on “A Truly Magic Moment

  1. Sarah lou mum of two

    Beautiful !!! A hard day but its behind you now thank god you are sooo brave !!! ! Take stock, reflect and then snuggle Mr boo endlessly !!! Hope you all have a lovely nights rest knowing he is home and safe with his adouring family !!


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