All about Me (a Meme)


Sometimes I think this blog is all about Mr Boo or forces beyond our control. Sometimes I think it’s all about misplaced guilt. Sometimes I feel it’s all about me. It’s all of those things. But often I feel it’s more me than any other public representation of me…The me who chats about inane nonsense in the playground, or who makes small talk in the hospital waiting room, or the me in meetings at work.

But for a blog which is at least partly about me, I keep some of my cards very close to my chest. Sometimes I am tempted to show my hand, but I usually have to be cajoled. I’ve done a Liebster post – actually I have done two – which I’ve really enjoyed, and since I was asked to do so by the lovely Mummy Zen and the terrific Woman Unadorned … well, I couldn’t say no.

And then the fabulous Orli at Just Breathe put me in her meme list for ‘All about Me’, originally created by Gina over at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies (a blog I hadn’t read before but regularly do now). Now, I find it hard to refuse Orli anything because she is marvellous, kind and very witty, even though she is still waiting for me to find some time to meet up for coffee. One day I will have a day without appointments and work. I just don’t know when that will be…

In the meantime, here are my answers to the meme questions, with a list of a few folks I’d love to know more about, if they feel inclined.

So here goes:

1) First off tell us your name and what you do (nice easy one there)…

Not so easy for me. You see, I blog anonymously. Only a couple of people know about the blog and none of my family does. I go by Mrboosmum in the blogosphere and, although it doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, I’ve come to quite like it. If you don’t, feel free to make up your own name for me. I’m like the pooch in Annie; I’ll answer to most things.

As for what I do, well, I work in Higher Education. I’m also an amateur physio, OT, SALT and conductive education and hydro- therapist, general household administrator and knackered. When I attempted to draw my life for a Story of Mum Exhibition, it looked like this (the dolls have better legs, by the way):


2) I live at home with…

The Grumposaur, my partner for 19 (gulp) years and the fabulous Sissyboo (very nearly 6, as she keeps reminding me), and Mr Boo, our 18 month-old bundle of trouble.

3) My favourite thing to do is…

I take it that downtime with the kids  (doing crafts, going places, doing nothing with them) is a given. My other favourite thing is reading. I rarely do this for fun any more. Can I hear an ‘awwww’? Oh and sleep. I am particularly fond of sleep.

4) My favourite thing to eat is…

Well I’m vegetarian, but love most styles of food. Italian is probably my favourite and you can’t beat a good melanzane parmigiana. A hug in a bowl

5) When I get cross I…

I let it lie for a bit and bottle it up. Then the next time I get cross I get crosser and either cry, raise my voice or walk out the room for a few minutes. Then I feel awful for about 3 days.

6) Sometimes I worry because…

Oh brother. Where do I begin? Boo’s disabilities produce a whole heap of worries and I worry about their impact on his sister. I guess my main worry is that I am spread so thinly that I don’t do quite enough (therapies for Boo, normal stuff with his sister) to do right by either of my kids. And I worry what would happen if I get run over by the proverbial bus.

7) My favourite book is…

Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

8) My favourite toy is (easy now)…

Predictably, but truthfully, it’s my iPhone. I blog on it (like this post, in fact) I use Twitter and Facebook on it, I read medical research and read about therapies and equipment for Boo and play games with Sissyboo on it. It makes me feel connected to others and allows me to procrastinate. It also drives The Grumposaur barmy.

9) I dislike…

Injustice and egotism.

10) When I grow up I want to be…

A more capable version of myself.

The folks I’d like to nominate to pass on the meme are:

Sara at mumturnedmom

Kyla at sheetsoflightning


Only if you’re time and feel like it, of course…

7 thoughts on “All about Me (a Meme)

  1. ginacaro

    Thank you for joining in with the #AllAboutMeMeme. I was a vegetarian for four years but gave it up, dam bacon sandwiches!! 🙂

  2. mummytries

    Lovely to hear a bit more about you… from what I have read so far you are already a VERY capable version of yourself. Sounds like you are doing a sterling job 🙂


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