When Will There Be Good News? Good News Friday #28 and#29

No, this isn’t a how much I love Kate Atkinson’s novels post. Although I do. Nor is it a how much I love Jason Isaacs post. Although I do.

No, this is a ‘I-so-sorry-I-haven’t-managed-good-news-Friday-for-a-few-weeks-(again)’ post. It’s not that I haven’t had good news to report, although I have been having a bit of trouble seeing it, admittedly. It’s just that I keep running out of time to blog about it. Blogging is always something that happens in the margins of my life. And over the past few weeks (diagnosis, regressions, too much work yada, yada, yada) life has been squeezing those margins harder than ever and the blog is losing out.

So, I’ve been thinking very hard about whether to keep Good News Friday going. After all, this is a deadline I set myself, not one someone else (someone who might be paying me) has set me. So why pressure myself? I have enough real deadlines to meet.

Hmmm. Well I’ve thought long and hard about it, and although I know that the four lovely people who read this blog probably won’t care, I think I do.

You see, Good News Friday is important to me. It’s not the content, really, that matters. It’s more of symbolic value, if that doesn’t sound pretentious. Good News Friday has been a sanity saver in recent months, allowing me to see things differently in weeks when, believe me, that’s no mean feat.

But more than that, Good News Friday is kind of what I think Premmeditations and my life in general is about. Yes, life is hard sometimes. But my life, our lives, are not a bad news story. The life of the Boos is a good one. And part of the reason I know how good we have it, is because I have had glimpses of how bad it could be and how bad it is for many other people much or even all of the time.

So I may be out of kilter. This may be a Good News Friday on a Sunday evening (when I know no one reads blogs), but we don’t do things the conventional way here in Boo Land. And GNF is here to stay.

5 thoughts on “When Will There Be Good News? Good News Friday #28 and#29

  1. TimeWaitsForNoMum

    I just wanted to let you know that some people do read blogs on Sunday evenings 😉 and to say I’m pleased to hear that Good News Friday is staying, whichever day it appears on and however (in)frequently, I really enjoy reading about Boo’s progress.

  2. mushywalnut

    Hello lovely, my life took over and I have to admit I took myself out of the blogosphere.
    But I’m back and enjoying reading your good news – whenever it may appear 🙂


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