Good News Friday #12


What a week! Boo’s diagnostic tests came and went and left quite an emotional trail with them at the beginning. But they are done, and at this point, I’m not even worried about the long (probably two month wait for results). The rest of the week has been very unusual and all the better for it. Yes: the good news for this week is that so much of it has been about Sissyboo.

Sissyboo has more to put up with than any 5-year-old should. She adores her brother, but knows things are not well with him. She has to accept the enormous amount of care and attention he needs as a child totally dependent on others 24 hours a day. She doesn’t have her Mummy in the same way any more. Boo’s physio takes priority over most things. It would be silly to pretend we could live our lives in such a way that she wouldn’t be affected by Boo’s disabilities. She will be. My mission is to try to make sure the effects are minimised and as positive as possible. I don’t always get it right. I often get it wrong. But the simplest things make such a difference. A half an hour here ten minutes there and her week is totally altered. As is mine. I miss my little girl.

But this week it has been more about Sissyboo than it has been in a long time. On Wednesday, she took part in her first school sports day. Before the fun began I had flashbacks to her preschool Olympics last summer in which she refused to take part and then walked through a running race, holding her keyworker’s hand while staring with singular determination at the playground tarmac. What a difference a year makes. She ran her heart out in the running race and laughed her way through the team obstacle race. I am so pleased about how she has grown in confidence and how comfortable she is at her school. Later that day our Homestart Volunteer came round to look after Boo and Sissyboo chose an activity to do with me for a couple of hours. She picked modelling (one of the many things she is currently obsessed with).


We spent 2 hours making a house out of an ice lolly box, complete with beds, wallpaper, stairs, TV and chairs. And we had a ball. Apparently, she’s decided she’s going to be an interior designer when she grows up.

Sports day was followed by the first of two inset days. The working mum in me is screaming (you are kidding me, I am so behind already and can’t lose any more sleep through late working) but other me was just thrilled to have time to spend with the Boos. We went to see a friend and her new baby in Oxford. It was fabulous to see them. She’s a good friend I don’t see enough. This is how good a friend, she took us to the open-air swimming pool opposite her house and looked after Boo so I could go swimming with Sissyboo in the lido. It was just about one of the happiest hours I’ve had in ages; messing about in the water, playing in the splash park with her, trying to perfect the art of swimming holding hands.

We spent so long in there that we left too late, got stuck in awful traffic; ended up peeing in bushes, eating at a fairly grotty services and getting home at 9 o’clock. When I got back The Grumposaur looked at me sympathetically and said, I bet you’ve had a rough day. No, it wasn’t. It was the best.

Over to you now. Here’s hoping you have lots of good news to share.



9 thoughts on “Good News Friday #12

  1. Mummy Zen

    What a lovely read and so nice you got some opportunities for one-on-one time with Sissyboo. The house you made is seriously impressive!
    In a somewhat similar vein, I finally braved getting the paints out with both kids. We did it outside earlier this week when the weather was nice and they both loved it. As I mentioned in my guilt post, I don’t think I had ever got the paints out for my daughter previously. She got it all over her clothes and it didn’t wash out but I’m ok with that as she wasn’t in her Sunday best and most importantly, she had fun!

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      That’s great to hear. I have to say that I was guilty with Sissyboo of thinking, ah yes, messy play, that’s what she does at nursery and so I don’t have to. But she loves it and I relented eventually. Painting is great. She loves doing potato stamps and blowing paints with straws and so on. And being able to do it outside is great. Roll on summer! (We’ve been waiting a while…)

  2. Momma P

    I feel bad that sometimes my older doesn’t get enough one on one with us. I need to get back to what I call mommy and me with him. My good news is at PT my younger son was able to transfer a toy from one hand to another

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      That is completely amazing news about the toy transferral. You must be so pleased!

      I so wish I knew how to get the sibling balance right. I keep telling myself that any child/parent faces these issues when a sibling comes along, but it just isn’t the same when the sibling has complex or additional needs, is it?


    I love the fact that even though you were stuck in traffic and the journey home wasn’t great – that the time you spent with Sissyboo was so worth it! x

    1. mrboosmum Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I so miss spending time with my big girl. Even time in a traffic jam is time well spent!

  4. Jaime Oliver

    I am so hoping that you get some more time with her, I love the house you built and the fact she is determined to be an interior designer!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments x


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