School’s Out and My Little Girl’s All Grown Up

FOr #ThrowbackThursday (or #FlashbackFriday as I’m a day late, a post about Sissyboo finishing Reception. This week she finished Year 1. I didn’t think when I wrote this post that it would be possible for me to be any prouder of her than I was then. But I was wrong. This year she has done so well in the reading and writing and sped ahead with her maths, which she was struggling with last year. She has done this while rehearsing hard and performing in her first dance show, learning the violin and getting her 700m swimming badge. And she has done all this while juggling her life with and responsibilities for Boo. We all do that, of course, but she is 6. She shouldn’t have to do many of the things she does. But she does. And she does them with care and grace. No wonder her fabulous end of year report began with a sentence about how she was a ‘caring, compassionate and extremely emotionally mature’ child who always wanted to look after everyone else in the class. I’m proud of you Sissyboo. So proud.


Surrey schools finish for the summer holidays today and when the bell goes at 13:30, Sissyboo will finish her reception year. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. It seems only five minutes ago that I was sewing on a gazillion name labels (repeat after me: iron on next time; iron on, OK?), getting school uniform and hoping she wouldn’t grow out of her Clark’s shoes too quickly.

Then came the bewildering two settling in weeks of alternate mornings and afternoons depending on which half of the alphabet your child’s surname fell into, the colour of your birthstone and whether or not there was a ‘r’ in the month. I swear it was designed to be as awkward as possible to test parents’ organisational skills. These would be much needed throughout the year as we were instructed to make innovational outfits for space week, come up with fundraising…

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